Poly Canvas Print - The Masters - Shitao (Zhu Ruoji) - Hibiscus, Lotus, and Rock
Poly Canvas Print
Poly Canvas Print

Stretched Canvas - Standard - The Masters - Shitao (Zhu Ruoji) - Hibiscus, Lotus, and Rock

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"Recalling a beautiful woman in their blushing colors and delicate shapes, the blossoms of the lotus and hibiscus epitomize the exuberance and fullness of youth. Seeming to mock himself for continuing to admire such lush summer flowers, the aging Shitao inscribed the lines by the renowned Song dynasty poet Su Shi (1036–1101): “As I grow older, I have stopped having lush dreams, Even one hibiscus tree by the pond is too much for me.”

Suffering from the infirmities of old age, Shitao, in the last years of his life, frequently painted in a broad impressionistic style with rich wet ink. As he wistfully suggests in his inscription, painting in such an obviously sensuous manner was perhaps not entirely appropriate for one of his age."

Stretched Canvas - Standard

  • Latex print on finely structured canvas made of polyester fabric with printed mirrored edges
  • Beautiful rich and high-quality colors for many years of joy
  • Carefully crafted, ready to hang on 0.75 inch solid frame made of spruce wood
  • Made in Germany with solvent-free paints
  • Secure delivery carefully packed in a stable carton
  • Available in different sizes